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Spring is NOW!

Potential sellers thinking about selling their home, but want to wait until Spring, are missing out on a critical time in the marketplace.

Spring is NOW! The large snow banks that are still around us may have us deceived, but here is the logic behind listing your home despite the remaining drifts…

  • April shares with August the highest number of properties going under contact.
  • The average home that sells is on the market for approximately 100 days before it goes under contract (that is over three months).

According to those timeframes, these are homes that buyers have been looking at since mid-winter. Why miss out on the activity that is currently going on in the marketplace today?

In addition to that, 23% of the rolling year’s home sales occur from November to mid-March. And you may want to ask yourself, “Do I want to miss out on one of 23% of buyers who closed on a home during “the winter”?

Considering all of these factors, there are several reasons to put your home on the market in the Spring. Why not put your home on the market today with a qualified Realtor and maybe find the right buyer earlier than you expected?

– Jon Dawson


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