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The Realtor Code of Ethics

established in  1915, consists

of fifteen ‘articles’ outlining the

responsibilities of its Realtor

members in their practice of real


The second article states that

The Realtor shall avoid exaggeration,

or misrepresentation or concealment

of pertinent facts relating to the property

or the transaction.  Realtors shall not,

however, be obligated to discover latent

defects in the property, to advise on

matters outside the scope of their

real estate license, or to disclose facts

which are confidential under the scope

of agency or non-agency relationship

as defined by state law.

Among the standards in this article

are realtors shall only obligated to

discover and disclose adverse factors

reasonably apparent to someone with

expertise in those areas required by

their by their state’s real estate licensing


Article II does not impose upon the

Realtor the obligation of expertise

In other professional or technical


The duties in the Code  of  Ethics

apply whether the Realtor is acting

as an agent or in a legally non-agency


– Jon

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