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The Realtor Code of Ethics

established in  1915, consists

of fifteen ‘articles’ outlining the

responsibilities of its Realtor

members in their practice of real



The third article state,  when representing

a buyer, seller, or other clients as an agent,

Realtors pledge themselves to protect

and promote the interests of their client.

This obligation to the client is primary, but

it does not relieve Realtors of their

obligation to treat all parties honestly.  


When serving a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or

party in a non-agency capacity, the Realtor

remains obligated by the duties imposed by

the Realtor Code of Ethics. These duties encompass

all real estate related activities and

transactions whether conducted in person,

electronically, or through any other means.


The duties of the Code of Ethics apply

whether the Realtor is acting as agent or

in a legally recognized non-agency capacity.


Realtors may represent the seller and the

buyer in the same transaction only after

full disclosure to and with informed

consent of both parties.

 – Jon Dawson

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