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A recent survey by RIS Media asked real estate agents whether they are still conducting open houses as part of their marketing plan.

Nearly 72 percent of the agents polled claimed to host 1-6 open  houses per month while 24% had none.  Reasons for having open houses?  Thirty five percent indicated that sellers expect open houses.  Others indicated that they are an excellent source of ‘buyer feedback’ about why the particular home is appealing to them.


The top method for promoting ‘opens’ was social media followed by email blasts and print advertising.


Many agents felt that opening homes to the public may not be wise.  They may be scoping out a hose and leave a window unlocked with a plan to return later to rob some item or items of personal property they identified during the open house.  It is obvious that sellers should remove or store jewelry and other items of particular value.


Others commented very positively about open houses knowing that they can be a good source of buying prospect.


One agent distributes invitations to the neighborhood knowing that most neighbors like their location and may have friends or acquaintances who might share their enthusiasm for their area.  Also, neighbors often comment that they are impressed  by the effort the agent is making on behalf of the Seller and would consider strongly selecting that agent when it comes time to sell.


Source: Rismedia Survey



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