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Dodge Data and Analytics along with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) have released results of a survey of 253 home builders and remodelers to measure the direction of consumers interest in ‘building green.’

 The survey reports that consumers of all ages are interested in  ‘green’ but that those in the ’55 and older’ group are the most important sector driving the current green market and that they associate ‘green’ construction with healthier homes.

 Tom Woods the Chairman of NHAB said, “The study’s recent findings reinforces the continued growth in consumer feedback showing a desire and expectation that new homes be high-performing, particularly when it comes to energy conservation.”

 The study demonstrates that the use of renewable technologies is expected to continue to dominate with the prediction that by 2018 nearly half of home builders will be using solar photovoltaics and ground source heat pump technologies.  As consumers become better informed about the features that make homes more sustainable and healthier they will begin to demand them.

 It is expected that as the environmentally-minded-millennials gain more experience with homeownership ‘net zero’ homes will emerge as dominant for their next home purchase.



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